Gaspec was established in 1978, in Santo Andre, Sao Paulo - Brazil, providing general machining parts.
In 1993, under new direction and headquartered in a 300 square meters facility, the companyís focus was turned toward the construction of single tools, flange, extrusion, progressive tooling and fixtures for quality control. To keep pace with increased demand, Gaspec expanded into the areas of development and specialization in construction of metal prototypes. As their services grew, so did the companyís need for space which came in the form of a new 1,400 square meters facility. This shift made it possible for Gaspec to offer construction of medium sized casting tools and dies.
Further increase in market demand in 2,000 built the way for Gaspecís move to a 2,500 square meters facility and the purchase of new and sophisticated machines, providing them with the ability of constructing tools up to 12 tons each. The company worked diligently to become one of the first tool shops in the area to be ISO 9002 certified.
In 2005, company management felt it was time to expand once again and moved to acquire adequate real estate. Later in 2006, a new 2,200 square meters facility was constructed, expanding Gaspecís assembly, tool, and die operations.
The move into their new headquarters was completed in 2007 and the company began their acquisition of modern equipments, giving Gaspec the ability to build and try out tools up to 20 tons of total weight.
Gaspecís current facility totals 4,700 square meters and spreads across a land area of 6,300 square meters.

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